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How to Encourage Yourself for the Gate – Success Mantra


As everybody knows, succeeding the GATE exam is no mean feat and requires intense and focused preparation together with the determination to get through the exam.

Motivation is the only driving factor since the journey of GATE preparation involves a lot of ups and downs.

We bring out the stories of the former GATE toppers as to how to keep one motivated while preparing for GATE.

Let’s have a glimpse of the success stories………

Success Story 1:

This is the success story of Bhaskar Reddy from Telangana who secured an AIR 100 in GATE ECE 2017. He was average in ECE subjects in his college. He hated theoretical portion of Subjects but he was good at basic concepts. Since he was not able to write much in exam he did not scored well in semester exams. When companies started hiring his batch mates, he was not even able to sit in the recruitment process because of his average CGPA. This made him unhappy. Then he decided not to give up and prepare for GATE exam. He mastered ECE subject concepts, solved numerous questions and finally his hard work was rewarded.

  “Don’t quit. Suffer now and lives the rest of your life as a Champion “

      “Suffer the pain of discipline or Suffer the pain of regret”

Those are something his mother used to tell him that person should not quit and prepare passionately and enjoy the success of the good rank throughout life. This helped Mr. Bhaskar Reddy in enhancing up his motivation through the GATE preparation.

Success Story 2:

This is the success story of Mr. Naveen Kumar from Hyderabad who got an AIR 125 in GATE CS 2017.He stated that motivation is the aspect which distinguishes you from others. He stated that he had been through a difficult schedule since he only had 100 days for full GATE preparation. He used to prepare notes of everything he studied, tricks and tips of each and every subject. He stated that how at times he sensed lazy and wanted to give up the preparation. In order to keep himself inspired, he wrote the following quote on the first page of the notebook which he used every day.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine

He stated that in order to keep himself motivated, he constantly reminded himself that his competitors are huge and he cannot stop at any stage. He added that his Motivation and ‘Never-Quit’ attitude helped him to get through the GATE exam.

We are sure that the aforementioned success stories will surely motivate the aspirants for GATE preparation.


Tips to Motivate Yourself for GATE Exam Preparation :

1. Set Big Dreams & Set Clear Goals.

The Rule of life is that you cannot achieve something until your dream is big.

2. Think about the Outcome, Forget About the Hard Work.

If you dream of leading a high-class life, then you must prepare with complete focus and dedication. Do not think about the amount of hard work to be put in, always think about the Outcome!  

3. Find out which Subject is making you bored in preparation.

You need to find out the subject which is difficult for you and making you bored while studying. Then plan accordingly. Definitely gradually you will find it interesting to prepare.

4. Additional Thoughts

You must remain optimistic and prepare for the exam with determination, focus and consistency.

5. Remain Focused on your Goals

You must not lose your focus throughout the GATE preparation. Keep away from distractions such as Social Media, Misguiding Friends and Television. Stay determined and focused and prepare with a winning attitude.

Best of Luck!!

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